Instructions for presenters

More than a hundred submissions will be presented at NordiCHI'18! As a way of renewing the conference format and maintaining the wish for people to present their work we have designed a program with theme-based session that mix different types of submissions in the same session. This means that one session can include a full paper, a work-in-progress paper, a future scenario, a design case and/or a practitioner & industry experience paper. We hope that the mix of submission formats will make the theme-based sessions more engaging and present a larger range of perspectives on the themes.

We have decided to give a 20 minutes timeslot to presentations of full papers, future scenarios and practitioner & industry experience papers and 15 minute slots to work-in-progress papers and design cases.

The practical consequence of this is that the presentations in a session do not always fit perfectly the 1 1/2 hour session timeframe. Some of the sessions therefore have a bit more slack and a few sessions run 5 minutes of their 1 1/2 hour. You should check the program to see whether your session has slack or is tight on schedule!

A session chair and one or more Student Volunteers (SV) will be present in each of the sessions. 

Practical information

All the rooms in the NordiCHI'18 conference venues are equipped with overhear projectors and computers. You may bring your presentation on a USB-stick or bring your own computer. The auditoriums are furnished with converters for a range of different video output ports including e.g., hdmi, videoPort.

Presenters are expected to meet in the presentation room at least 10 minutes before the session starts to check that their presentation is working and to make themselves known to the session chair. SVs and AV staff will be present to help if there are technical difficulties.

Every auditorium is also equipped with a document camera allowing you to show artefacts to the audience if this is relevant. There are separate projectors for the document camera and the computer allowing these to be shown simultaneously.

We ask that you wear the microphone provided.

Looking forward to seeing your presentations in Oslo!

Information about manuscripts (maintained for historical reasons)

The camera ready manuscripts will have to use the CHI 2018 templates for papers found here. We will use the CHI Proceedings Format for research papers and the CHI Extended Abstracts Format for all other submission categories.

Submissions of finished papers should be done via the PCS Submission System.

Below is the original "call for papers" for all submission categories.