Work in progress

Monday October 1

What Can I Say? Presenting Stimulus Material to Support Storytelling for Older Adults
Torben Volkmann, Daniel Grosche, Michael Sengpiel, Nicole Jochems

Employing the Secondary Task Technique for Measuring MRP Pilots’ Cognitive Load
Patrik Björnfot, Azadeh Farshidi, Victor Kaptelinin

Tuesday October 2

Operationalizing Height and Scale in Room-scale Virtual Reality
Jonas Schjerlund

Analyzing Work-Related Technology Use From A UX Perspective: The HolisticUX Method
Diane Golay

Audio Augmented Reality in Public Transport for Exploring Tourist Sites
Costas Boletsis, Dimitra Chasanidou

Supporting Reflective Use of Design Idea Archives Using Email
Nanna Inie, Steven Dow, Peter Dalsgaard

Wednesday October 3

Context of Use Affects the Social Acceptability of Gesture Interaction
Aleksandra Taniberg, Lars Botin, Kashmiri Stec

Conversation Modeling: How the 3D Aspect can Influence Collaborative Interpretation
Priscilla Ferronato, Zhaoyuan Su, Stan Ruecker

How to Tame a Transdisciplinary Interaction Design Process
Hanna-Liisa Pender, David Lamas

Decision-support System for Cancer Rehabilitation: Designing for Incorporating of Quantified Data into an Existing Practice
Katerina Cerna, Anna Sigridur Islind, Johan Lundin, Gunnar Steineck